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Team/Individual photo day rescheduled for April 12th.

  • Photos start at 4pm @ CBC Stadium for JV Gold, JV Purple, & Varsity
  • All players will need to bring team uniforms on Thursday April 12th and wear white uniforms for photos
  • Players need to have completed form and check/cash for the package they will be getting or order with Credit Card to link below:



MAY 1ST, 2018 CBC vs. Eureka 7pm

Ceremony: 6:15PM. CBC Stadium

Please join us in bidding Farewell to the 2018 Seniors

Jersey First Name Last Name Position
0 Braden McCarthy A
1 Jake Jones A/M
3 Michael Hogan A
5 Andrew Lord M
7 Matthew Moser A
8 Aiden Landwehr M
9 Quinn Comiskey D
12 Max Wright A
13 Patrick Downey G
14 Anthony Rallo M
15 Pierce Reiling M
16 Grant Modglin M
19 Hunter O'Rourke M
21 Zach Earley D
22 Jack Stewart D
25 Patrick Hynes D
26 JP Blanchard D
30 Thomas Golinvaux D
31 Tony Marbs D
34 Drake Nickolaison A
Team managers Harry Burnham Max Brown

CBC Lacrosse Mission Statement

The CBC Lacrosse Club is dedicated to organizing, developing and promoting the sport of lacrosse within CBC HIGH SCHOOL.

The club seeks to honor the game by instilling Lasallian values of scholastic achievement, sportsmanship and teamwork while fielding competitive lacrosse teams throughout the program. 

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Communication from the CBC Lacrosse Website


  • Anyone can create a Log-in Account
  • Note:  ONLY ONE Log-in Account is necessary per family. 
  • Log-in Account is necessary in order to Register your player. 
  • There is no limit to email addresses that can be added to your Log-in Account

Follow these easy steps to update your account with additional email addresses:

  1. Log-in to your Account
  2. In the top left Menu Bar click the ˅ next to your log-in ID to make a drop-down box appear
  3. Click on Account Settings
  4. On Menu Bar, 3rd Button is “Add Email Address”
  5. Click to add Email Addresses
  6. BE SURE to add your player's CBC Email


The Log-in Account used to create a Registration is the account which will receive the email messages sent from the Club regarding all Teams – Varsity, JV, FR and JR Cadets.  This is done because we do not want to send every email to every Log-in Account – Emails will be targeted to the appropriate Team.

If you have a household with more than one Log-in Account, or two households with different Log-in Accounts are needed, you can link the two accounts by following these steps:  Linking the accounts will ensure messages are received.

  1. Log in to your Account
  2. In the top left Menu Bar click the v next to your log-in ID to make a drop down box appear
  3. Click on Profile
  4. In the Bottom Left Corner see "Linked Accounts"
  5. Click ADD
  6. Enter the email address for the person you want to link accounts with
  7. The other Member will need to access their Dashboard and accept the invitation to link.